Hydrant heads – harpoon fitting

VALDUCCI hydrant heads are high performance hydraulic components.
Made of a specific aluminium alloy (ENAB46100) are able to resist
to heavy and dynamic hydraulic stress. This material guarantees a
long resistance against corrosion.
VALDUCCI hydrant heads are also available with bolts and springs
in stainless steel. This feature increases the quality of the equipment
along its life cycle and it eases all maintenance procedures.
Gaskets are manufactured in NR-SBR (70 shore) rubber. These
particular gaskets have been used due to them particular resistance
against water corrosion and pressure power. These components
can be used in any season and in any geographical area.
All VALDUCCI hydrant heads are tested using air flow in our assembly
department. The procedure ensures the reliability of the
The functioning is based on Johnson scheme. It means that in the
standard position the valve is closed. The same position is kept also
when the water flow is absent or in case of any break-down.
VADUCCI hydrant heads could be open only using the specific hydrant key.



The Valducci hydrant heads produced in our factories represent a dominant share of all the hydrant heads existing on the Italian territory, as well as a significant share of all hydrant heads present in Europe. The hydrant heads, as we know them, were developed and produced in the 1960s by several companies, during the decades some of them stopped production, or disappeared from the industrial scene. Therefore, the need arose to replace damaged or exhausted elements with new ones without having to proceed to change all the points of line drawing. The Valducci hydrant heads are interchangeable with others of different manufacturers, and in order to check the compatibility or not the following table has been drawn up.

Teste idrante tabella misura compatibilita

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