Irrigation materials

Never before has technical irrigation played an important role in the world of agriculture, and it is increasing its global importance in terms of limiting the exploitation of water resources, soil conservation, improvement of agronomic techniques.

La Giunti S.p.A. has always been attentive to the evolution of irrigation techniques, and accompanies its development by expanding its product range to new methods and uses. Making use of an experience of over half a century, Giunti S.p.A. it has technologies and know-how in the agricultural irrigation sector that can assert that with its products and services it is able to respond to all requests coming from any market.

Just by its ability to dialogue with the farmer, Giunti S.p.A. has accumulated in its portfolio products everything necessary for the correct installation of a complete irrigation project.

Starting from the water source, where the water is drained and transferred with surface or submerged pumping systems, the liquid is conveyed in galvanized steel pipes or layflat pipes, then it is distributed on the culture medium, using d targeted irrigation, using a network of dynamic sprinklers, rather than self-propelled irrigation machines, or finally dripping hoses.