Hydrant elbows – bayonet fitting

As the perfect completion of the VALDUCCI hydrant system, they are still used as an example in the study of closings for irrigation sockets


The body consists of a 90 ° bend and includes, in its lower part, the coupling elements to the head. It is composed of the same aluminum alloy used in the VALDUCCI hydrant heads manufacturing. The moving parts, subject to wear, are made of self-lubricating bronze, which eliminates any maintenance or lubrication work over the years. The operating rod placed vertically is the element that activates the fungus making it inward from its rest position in order to prefixing the water ldrainage. A highly distinctive element of VALDUCCI hydrant curves is the firing pin: with anti-friction bush avoids any friction between the mushroom head and control rod, with anti-clutch compass avoids any friction between the fhead fungus and the control rod.

Screw drive makes operations of opening/closing smoother,neutralizing any waterhammer. The upper end of the VALDUCCI  hydrant curve is threaded, so that it can be quickly jointed to the final conduct. All models are available with a mounting a pressure indicator manometer.

La posizione della tabellona è qui  
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Curva idrante

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