Wellpoint equipment

Uptake water technique allows to reduce the water table level when the soil has a suitable and permeable texture. During the extraction of water from the digging perimetric soli, special filtering tips are inserted into the ground in order to evacuate the water contained in the soil through the depression created by the pump connected to the tips. Another use of the wellpoint equipment is to free the construction site from the rainwater or floodings, by placing suction tubes with strainers at the lowest points.

Wellpoint technique is easy to install and use, as well as being an economical and functional one.

Dedicated pumps are self-priming centrifugal or vacuum-assisted types.

Manifolds and pipes Wellpoint

The pipes used to connect the wellpoints to the pump, usually 6 meters long are linked together with a quick coupling system composed of a rubber sealing element able to prevent leakages that would affect the efficiency of the uptake plant.


The product range available is completed with all the items necessary to install a wellpoint system.
Special fittings on customer specificationsare also possible.

Wellpoint tips

Suction tips are characterized by a set of metal (or plastic) filters which have a key function in the aspiration of the maximum amount of water per unit of time, without removing any solid particles from the soil.