VALDUCCI hydrant heads are high performance hydraulic components.
Made of a specific aluminium alloy (ENAB46100) are able to resist to heavy and dynamic hydraulic stress. This material guarantees a long resistance against corrosion.

VALDUCCI hydrant heads are also available with bolts and springs in stainless steel. This feature increases the quality of the equipment along its life cycle and it eases all maintenance procedures.

Gaskets are manufactured in NR-SBR (70 shore) rubber. These particular gaskets have been used due to them particular resistance against water corrosion and pressure power. These components can be used in any season and in any geographical area.

All VALDUCCI hydrant heads are tested using air flow in our assembly department. The procedure ensures the reliability of the elements.

The functioning is based on Johnson scheme. It means that in the standard position the valve is closed. The same position is kept also when the water flow is absent or in case of any break-down.

VADUCCI hydrant heads could be open only using the specific hydrant key.


VALDUCCI hydrant elbows are the integration of the famous VALDUCCI hydrants system.

The body shapes a 90° elbow, with bayonet or harpoon connection in the lowest side.

Made of aluminium, it is the same alloy used also for the manufacturing of hydrant heads.

The inner movable components which can deteriorate are manufactured in self-lubricating brass.

Thanks to this expedient the VALDUCCI hydrant elbows don’t need any maintenance operation.

The rod and the handle are the elements that push backwards the spherical valve allowing the opening/closing of the water flow. At the end of the pushing bar there is a no-friction bush that prevents the wear of the components. The screw opening system allows a progressive valve opening, in a way to avoid dangerous pushing strokes. The upper side of the elbow has a threated connection for quick coupling to the water distribution point.

In addition a glycerine manometer can be assembled on them.

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