Automatic back-flush FILTROQUARZ 2C

For automating backwashing features, wide water flow hydrovalves and programmable control units for time and pressure should be used. Backwashing operations should be performed in order to maintain the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet of the filter within a 1.5 bar maximum value.


CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS – quarzite filter; – hot-galvanized steel; – steel covers with central bolt.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT – 0.5 mm slotted PP diffusers – pressure gauge; – exhaust valve; – safety valve; – two 3-way hydropneumatic valves ; – 4 stations electromechanical control unit TIC; differential pressure switch; – flanged connection manifolds; – manual of use and maintenance; – quartzite NOT included.

CE RULES – designed and constructed in accordance with the EU directive “Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23” and it is marked by individual identification labeling.


Filtroquarz 2c con lavaggio tabella

More technical information available in the documents attached.


Filtroquarz 2c con lavaggio schema

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