Valducci brand

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The name Valducci has always been a good choice for customers as a guarantee of quality and reliability in irrigation, with a steady growth of its products in a continuous technical development. To date the range of items includes self-propelledirrigation machines, filter units, control elements for fixed installations and more. Efficiency, handling and competitiveness, combined with the quality, are the key words that have always characterized the products of the brand.
in 2004, the Valducci brand joined the Giunti Group obtaining further technical competence and worldwide exposure

Irromotor foto


The range of irrigation machines includes more than 140models developed to satisfy any need of different markets and several operating conditions

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The filters available vary according to the field of application and quality of the water: mesh and disks quartzite filters, hydrocyclones and fertilizer tank (each filter can be automated). Filtering stations can be personalized upon customer request from the technician department.

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Heads and hydrants elbows

Hydrant heads Valducci, and the related hydrant elbows, are highly appreciated in the implementation of stationary and mobile plants, due to their high quality and performance

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