Tornado HL

Irrimotor VI7

HL models PE hose size is between 110mm and 140mm with lengths ranging from 450 to 650 meters.

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CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS – high strength “medium density” polyethylene Pipe with differentiated thickness; -hydraulic lift of the wheels and of the front foot; – high efficiency hydraulic turbine included in the gearbox/transmission; – motion transmission to the drum through the coupling of the pinion with a large diameter crown (double crown on models 125/600 – 125/650 – 140/500); -emergency PTO input with the help of the cardan shaft on the tractor; rotating turret, by using large diameter rotational bearings; – locking pin turret release device; a device guides a worm gear tube for an optimal backward; mechanical safety device against any wrong overlapping of the pipe while rewinding, with automatic stop of the cycle; a by-pass valve controls the speed of return with hydraulic and manual control; – automatic stop of the cycle when the sprinkler cart is completely retracted; -painted frame; -painted reel; -water path and accessories in galvanized steel; -sprinkler trolley; -sprinkler; – safety devices in accordance with the EU requirements.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT –  galvanized mono frame supporting the machine on the ground;  4 speed transmission gearbox; – instantaneous speed of return visualizer; – water pressure gauge at the entrance of the machine; – hydraulic actuating parking foot, lifting wheels, handling trolley, rear foot parking, powered by the tractor hydraulic system; – height adjustable trailer hitch; – variable carriageway – 2 water inlets on the sides.


Hose ends at:
HL 125/550
Explorer/Twin 202
HL 125/600
Explorer/Twin 202
HL 125/650
Explorer/Twin 202
HL 140/450
Explorer/Twin 202
HL 140/500
Explorer/Twin 202

L = hose ends near the lateral shoulders – C = hose ends near centre

More technical information available in the documents attached.




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