Motorpump unit

A wide choice of models to meet the requirements in agriculture and general industry. Pumps from the best manufacturers coupled to diesel engines of national or international manufacturers. Construction on mobile two-wheel trolleys with integrated fuel tank or on static frame. The control and safety of the group is ensured by a reliable electronic board that protects also the engine against failures.



Engines from Iveco, Deautz, John Deere, Lombardini, Volvo are coupled to pumps from Caprari, Rovatti, Varisco.

The possible add-ons, depending on the model of the group, are electric starter for hand-start engines – GSM interface on the board – protection roof – lateral protections – lifting arm for suction line with manual winch – increased capacity fuel tank – priming by hand-pump or Venturi – lighting of working area – lights for on-road drive – soundproof enclosures.

Additional accessories are available such as: foot-valves standard or self-cleaning, steel or rubber or PVC pipes for suction or delivery lines, check-valves, pressure relief valves, etc.


The operation of the motorpump unit can be totally in charge of an electronic module that controls the irrigation activity. Possible functions are: total protection of the engine vital functions (oil pressure, coolant temperature and alternator) agains failures, control of the flow/pressure changes in the irrigation network, end of pumping in case of lack of water, end of the reeling run by a hose-reel machine, remote control by the unit by a GSM interface.

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